• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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    "REALIZE INFINITE HEART" - Basic Instructions (6 minutes)

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  • For Advancing the Advanced . . .

    WHAT? This practice radically boosts your ability to stream in subtle energies, body-mind-spirit, by means of a single, seamless set of slo-mo dance-like gestures, moving head-to-toe, sitting, anytime, anywhere, in minutes daily. 
    WHY BOTHER? Same as “why a smart phone?” Long separate paths now fuse as one--Enlightenment (through head awareness) – Endearment (through heart-opening) – Empowerment (through gutsy intention) – Enjoyment (through "gasming" tantra) – Energy Healing (cleansing, balancing energizing)

    HOW? You tap into energy’s cosmic signature, self-creative expression, conceived into all of us from the first moment we enter life on this plane. 
    The pattern first became most obvious when you learned to crawl. You translated this signature into physical expression, “figure-8-ing" hips and shoulders going “contra-laterally.” And then you had to suppress this supple fluidity to erect an inner energetic armor. 
    With guidance, you can now learn to revive that ability and synchronize with energy on a cosmic scale.  Energy science calls this pattern “toroidal dynamics.” Once we learn to enact this pattern consciously we may dramatically enhance our access to wise, loving, potent joy.
    Physically, you harmonize moving through all 13 major joints (and 12 chakras and meridians). This vastly boosts your ability to stream in energy.
    Enacting these moves physically can then facilitate psychological insight, which is invariably also “reflexive” or figure-8-like  (all we see is shaped and colored by what we project).
    And ultimately this practice aids our opening to higher truths, which are also invariably reflexive on a still more subtle plane  (as above, so below; whatever goes around comes around; giving is receiving). 
    ENERGY'S WAY is the discovery of a lifetime, after half a century of study, practice, and teaching of body-mind-spirit disciplines.  And yes, I "asked for it." I am a Vietnam Vet turned psychologist, turned energy healer whose promise after colluding in state-sanctioned mass murder has been to serve peace.  
    My study for Congress put PTSD on the map and the 1985 book that followed,  "Healing from the War" was awarded by The Christopher Society for "affirming the highest human values" in the NY Times. 
    That book ended with a prophecy that healing for "veterans of life" would take a new revelation of how people everywhere can more fully live in joy.  A generation later Energy's Way came to share with the now global movement to bring healing and a culture for the flourishing of all life to this earth.  Please help yourself and pass it on.  

    Loving Blessings,

  • Testimonials

  • Ease Flow Grace - Energy's Way to Oneness

    Have you ever echoed the many teachings and practices that tell you to affirm, “I am one” or “I am one with the Universe”?   And then, ever wondered, "How can I or anyone reach all the way OUT THERE?"   Words have power in part based on how well we understand what we’re saying.  But most teachings and practices do not flesh out how, exactly, aspirants can come to a fuller sense of

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  • What's Energy's Way?  REAL Simple!

    Energy’s Way  is a new discovery.  It came after  40+ years of doing and guiding others at various body, mind, soul and spirit disciplines. Suddenly I was walking far more slowly than usual, like a slow motion dance improv. Every major joint spiraling, in figure 8's.  Also, vast streams of energy were pouring in that surpassed what had ever come when doing the highest yoga, meditation, or

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  • Joan-Baker“This practice has astounded me with its power. Dr. Artie Egendorf has captured my heart with his deeper understandings of the universe within, like none other. Thank you for making possible what I could not understand on my own, in this lifetime. Your genius is soul freeing.” Joan Baker, Author "Secrets of Voice Over Success," star host, philanthropist.

    Marcy-Axness“What a shining new path of elegant simplicity to embodied power! I feeI privileged and blessed to welcome Artie Egendorf into my life. On a spiritual path all my adult life, I find this unique gem of a man -- a mash-up of Yoda, James Bond and Mr. Rogers, plus more that is all his own -- showing me vast wisdom from an amazing life and an extraordinary mind.” Marcy Axness, PhD, early development specialist, parent coach, author of Parenting for Peace, mother, & award-winning TV producer.

  • Your Ultimate Evolutionary Move

    This is a BIG IDEA, SO OK to invite you to think just a teensy bit? Ultimate? How can evolving be ultimate Don’t you transform by going to some bigger, better, “more” form? Or to whatever’s the “next” step, level, stage? How can any point in a process be ultimate? Great questions. Any step, level or stage implies the potential of a still more evolved one. So there can NOT be an ultimate “form” of anything. But what if growing, developing and evolving consist of more than steps, levels, stages? Beyond form or things? Could some other possibility be ultimate? Yes!

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      Hi, you've caught me in full egghead-geek mode! This is a "think piece."  The headlines are simple enough. But I'm trying to summarize in advance the message of my book, "Channel Mama Cosmos-Energy's Way."  And since all this is genuinely new, you might have to re-read a few phrases to wrap your head around the ideas.  Have fun :-) First, “Energy’s Way” (EW) is a fusion practice.  When open and supple enough we move in unusually potent synchrony with subtle energies. And as we do dramatically more of these energies pour in than through traditional motionless

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       A few readers have asked, "So what's your new book--"Channel Mama Cosmos"--about?"  That's such a gift--giving me good reason to sound off--that I've I decided to give you all a preview. See the cover?  Conceived by me, Artie Egendorf, gestated and birthed by immensely talented artist, Biljana Milkov: “Channel Mama Cosmos” is more than a title, goal, or lofty aspiration. This phrase says the message of this book and Energy's Way as a contribution to human betterment. .  Not only are you endlessly related with all of us and all of life, and not a separate entity, as

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    Coming soon: a new eBook from Energy's Way: "Channel Mama Cosmos." A must for anyone and everyone into Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Energy, Healing, Transformation, Healing this Earth.  Stay tuned for details on how to get your copy. Blessings, Artie A  

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    The energy age is coming fast. More than ever we need to spread energy literacy. This means learning how to feel and read energy, by experiencing energetic doings, and then learning further so as to intervene in the energetic realm. In this way we grow powers formerly available only to a few adepts in each generation. Energy’s Way blazes a new and wider path to energy literacy and then beyond, to fulfilling our energy destiny. The new departure includes putting into words ancient, unsayable intuitions. And most importantly, using words so as to avoid dissection, which has been standard

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    12 + 1 Signature of Energy - Packed Spheres, Vector Equilibrium, Zodiac, Moon Cycles, Biology

    12 + 1 moves of Energy's Way, which you can review in various other writings on this site, is not arbitrary.  Since ancient times, energy adepts in both East and West have tracked energy centers in our subtle body this way, not always adding the = 1 to recognize the ensemble as a single whole. Now, we will do well to consider that 12 + 1 is a way that Energy "signs" Her name in many, endless ways.   Doing so will aid us in appreciating how beautifully interrelated we and all energetic doings are.  Each such doing is utterly distinct, yet all are pervaded by common harmonies the way music

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  • Rick-Bellingham“What Artie is introducing is AMAZING. As a 40 year student of enlightenment disciplines, the last 15 in Qi Gong, I have to say that Energy's Way is unsurpassed. All the enlightenment disciplines agree on what we should think, but your practice brought to experience THIS with surprising depth and speed. Your work has a healing power that deserves as wide an audience as possible. THANK YOU. Terrific and meaningful work..” Dr. Rick Bellingham, exec coach to more than half of Fortune's 100 top companies.

    Lorin-Hollander  “Energy's Way will rank among the great gifts of our time to human betterment. I've known Artie Egendorf for decades, witnessed his steady, deep and soaring emergence as a true sage. Simply watching his complimentary videos is profoundly healing. This is wondrous magic in the best sense. Not to be missed by any genuine seeker.” Lorin Hollander, Child Prodigy (Carnegie Hall at 14), pianist, conductor, noted spiritual visionary.