• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

  • The next clip that follows:

    "REALIZE INFINITE HEART" - Basic Instructions (6 minutes)

  • Followed by "ENERGY'S WAY PRINCIPLES" TV quality short documentary (23 minutes). 

    Then, find other free offerings will follow on that YouTube channel. 

  • A Rave for Energy's Way from Author of Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships

    3 Sep 2013 | Blog | Artie

  • A New Rave

    Spirituality vs psychology.  An old story in the West.  “Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships” says both are crucial.  And then goes on to show you how, page by deliciously revealing page.  Please don’t miss it, by long time colleague John Amodeo.  You can order here.

    The time has come to mention his book to introduce John who recently posted a comment here.  If you didn’t see it, it’s worth repeating (to my mind of course):  

    “Artie’s video has a soulful, wizard-like way of gently bringing us inside ourselves. I found the movements to elicit a warm, connected flow of energy. Taking time to get out of our heads and into our body opens a pathway toward healing and a deeper connection with ourselves, others, and life.”

    If you don’t have your complimentary copy go here.

    Speaking of encouraging words, a mother of two young children at home recently confided, “Just watching that clip on ‘do the practice’ brought me to tears.  Nothing bad.  Just so deeply healing.  Really.  Just watching.”

    Do you know someone who could use daily healing, and likes to watch as well as listen? Have them put in their email at energysway.com.  Then if you know how, scan, test and see what the benefits are.  And please post the results here.

    Distance healing is a wonderful gift to be able to give people.  But cloning ourselves on video allows for reaching many more people than we can schedule each day.