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    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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  • AE Sep 2014 lo resIn a nutshell: I’m a Harvard grad, Vietnam vet, ex-spy, turned psychologist, award winning author, turned energy healer, and after 40+ years doing & guiding others in body-mind-spirit disciplines I’m channeling a new way for the good guys (more and more women) to take power on earth.

    Now for the not so rosy part. Life as a seeker began a few months after I came back from Vietnam. As a 25 year old, lean & mean survivor of a year in the war zone, months at a time of nightly rocket attacks, I began to crack.

    Totally surprised that anything could get to me, I’d break into tears daily. Before long, reading psych books, I realized I was beginning to grieve for people and a place I didn’t have time or the guts to care about when I was there.

    Then came the question, “What to do now?” I tried to write the full version of the question in a journal, but took weeks before I could get down the words, “now that I’ve taken part in state sanctioned mass murder.”

    So not used to getting mushy about anything, I was embarrassed as well as often doubled over. That question ate a hole through me. Months of crying passed before an answer came.

    “Spend this life learning to be human, help one person at a time, and when I find out how, pitch in to help create a world that makes war outmoded.”

    Actually, the answer came and went, often chased away by a nasty inner critic who snarled, “Who the f – – – do you think you are? You?”

    And “Put an end to war? Prophets have been calling for that for thousands of years! What do you think YOU can do for such a lost cause?”

    So, high hopes and gnawing doubt – the story of much of this life ever since. Out of the urge to avoid turning folks off with terrible news I often emphasize the high points.

    Here are a few good ones:

    While working toward a PhD in psych I also:

    – coordinated the first veteran self-help groups in NYC

    – persuaded the National Council of Churches to support veterans’ self-help nationally

    – testified repeatedly before Congress until they funded a national study of the war’s impact

    Then, having initiated the study years before I served as the coordinating author.

    “Legacies of Vietnam” arrived in Congress in early 1981, with the first national data on PTSD, and Outreach to Vets was the only social program extended in the beginning of the Reagan Administration.

    Four years later, after writing daily, “Healing from the War” appeared and won an award for “affirming the highest human values” – to quote the Christopher Society’s notice in the NY Times.

    TV, radio and media appearances followed (“People Magazine” had already done a piece when “Legacies” was done).

    But I knew: war wouldn’t be ending anytime soon. The revolution in Iran already had resulted in American hostages and a failed rescue mission. US forces were already fighting with “the contras” in Central America.

    My inner critic loved to rub all that in: “See? I told you so!”

    Every day of writing also meant battling the inner critic’s, “Really, what do you think THIS is going to do?”

    I had learned to push through, draw encouragement from buddies, recommit as best I could over and over to get it done.

    The book did manage to weave my personal journey, and vignettes from lives of other veterans, with the psychology, philosophy, spirituality of healing and the politics and history of the Vietnam War and ALL war.

    And a generation later “Healing from the War” is the “fave” of the award winning founder of the website HealingCombatTrauma.com – Lily Casura. She urged me to update and reissue it for the new generation of vets after Iraq and Afghanistan.

    For years I said “no” – thinking I had nothing new to add, and mostly, unable to counter the “inner critic” yelling dubiously, “What good will THAT do?”

    Then one day a revelation came. But that’s jumping ahead of the story. First, another very hard spell crashed in.

    9/11. It hit me harder than I realized at the time.

    Then the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq made it worse. All my post-Vietnam symptoms flooded back.

    Like right after my own war, I was confused for some time. Couldn’t think, feel, let alone say clearly what was wrong. Later I could tell. The critic had been screaming in my head, “Your whole life is pointless, pure failure!”

    When that got through I had to do something. I left my suburban life and a 25 year marriage, and took up an intense program of working on myself. I ramped up my already 30 year old practices – yoga, meditation, 12 steps, body work & therapy.

    Before long I got certified as a personal trainer, then as an energy healer (Pranic Healing), and after that as a teacher of the subtlest form of body awareness and movement I know, an offshoot of the work originated by Moshe Feldenkrais.

    The one idea that was clear: I’d never be able to do for anyone else what I hadn’t yet done for myself.

    A decade passed. Then, one morning I got up from devotions and found myself improvising a dance, far more patient and slow than anything I’d do intentionally.

    It was love at first contact.

    Subtle, supple yet so intensely joyful that a smile spread over me from head to toe. Every identifiable body part melting into dynamic synchrony with every other.

    “Reading the energy” with these energy healer hands corroborated the “this is amazing!” feeling with a scan of how intense and unprecedented for me that downpour was.

    From then on it’s been a daily practice and study. Often I take notes, engage in trial & error to see what works better, or increases energy flow even more.

    Also I’ve been experimenting in hundreds of trials with friends and clients. Continually searching for how best to teach this practice I learn from you who read these pages, take these courses, and seek out personal meetings.

    My personal testimonial to the power of this practice? The inner critic still pops off from time to time, but no longer screams. And I’m launching a new career while classmates from high school and college are retiring to the golf course.

    Energy’s Way is an answer to a prayer, a gift for sharing. Please help yourself liberally. Then pass it on.

    Thanks. Blessings.




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