• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

  • The next clip that follows:

    "REALIZE INFINITE HEART" - Basic Instructions (6 minutes)

  • Followed by "ENERGY'S WAY PRINCIPLES" TV quality short documentary (23 minutes). 

    Then, find other free offerings will follow on that YouTube channel. 

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    How To Realize Cosmic Being

      How To Realize Cosmic Being Vastly More Wise, Loving Power Energy's Way   Einstein said we need a new way of thinking so let's see what we can do with some simple words and a few px. We're evolving.  But notice: we don't DO evolving, so much as set things up and then ALLOW it, as when we make discoveries, have "Aha's!" and experience new openings in our lives.  At crucial junctures, evolving comes on its own. Also true is that at our very best we can surpass allowing to WELCOME evolving. We open so far as to welcome how evolving is always welcoming us. Now, to what I

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    Ease Flow Grace - Energy's Way to Oneness

    Have you ever echoed the many teachings and practices that tell you to affirm, “I am one” or “I am one with the Universe”?   And then, ever wondered, "How can I or anyone reach all the way OUT THERE?"   Words have power in part based on how well we understand what we’re saying.  But most teachings and practices do not flesh out how, exactly, aspirants can come to a fuller sense of such all encompassing words.   To understand how you and universe are One, or you “Channel Mama Cosmos,” which is our way to appreciate your active role in this relation, let’s consider this.  

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