• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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  • The energy age is coming fast. More than ever we need to spread energy literacy. This means learning how to feel and read energy, by experiencing energetic doings, and then learning further so as to intervene in the energetic realm. In this way we grow powers formerly available only to a few adepts in each generation.

    Energy’s Way blazes a new and wider path to energy literacy and then beyond, to fulfilling our energy destiny. The new departure includes putting into words ancient, unsayable intuitions. And most importantly, using words so as to avoid dissection, which has been standard laboratory and conceptual strategy in material science.

    Dissection kills off life so as to isolate pieces of dead forms as information that can then be manipulated in machine based tech. To serve life, we do best to preserve and enhance living at each step of our inquiries.

    As one example of a traditional way to preserve living while bringing enlivening correspondences to light, consider this medieval depiction relating the zodiac and the chakras:


    zodiac & chakras mikewildtdotdeviantartdotcom






    To translate traditional, largely unspoken intuitions and images into words, Energy’s Way begins with understanding energy as action. This is an idea as old as Aristotle, and one that entered mainstream physics about a century ago.

    “Energy is action” relates with another crucial theme, “There are no things, only events,” or what I call energetic doings. So announced Alfred N. Whitehead in 1929 to summarize revolutionary changes in physics and philosophy of the early 20th century.

    These ideas invite us to a new way of thinking as well as feeling. For energy only becomes concrete and immediate as we are able to free ourselves from “thing” reality, or dogmatic materialism. The idea is not to replace an old ideology or set of beliefs with a new one. Rather, our challenge is to bring thinking to life, with more refined feeling and intuiting.

    This way opens as we forego identifying thoughts, emotions, people, situations and all other objective and subjective happenings as “things,” or entities fixed in space and time. And instead, we learn to think, feel and directly experience active, energetic doings.

    Energy’s Way aids this higher learning. The 12 energies known since ancient times in the East as Chakras (wheels) and in the West as Sefirot (letter, number, book), are renamed here in simple English action words as “moves” that energy makes on all levels, from infinitesimal to cosmic.

    The word choices are tentative, suggestive. Actually renaming energy in active terms is the essential.

    And then, free video instructions and written commentaries through energysway.com will aid you in exploring these moves, bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners find this material valuable as the object is not to get it right, but to make discoveries in whatever ways and pace fits for you.

    Live meetings, courses and workshops are also available if and when you’re ready.

    Here are a few different ways to introduce the 12 + 1 moves, beginning with a few suggestive responses to, “Why 12 + 1?”

    12 Constellations + 1 Zodiac


    Twelve constellations-zodiac

    12 Equal Radius Spheres Cluster or “Kiss” Around a 13th — Known since ancient geometry


    Twelve on 1 spheres Kissing


     12 Vectors of Equilibrium Structure EVERY Single (+1) Energy Field throughout the Cosmos – New  Science

    Twelve vectors of equilibrium


    The list could get quite long, to include:

    12 chakras in highest Yoga in a whole (1) yogi/yogini

    12 meridians in each (1) human body, Chinese Medicine

    12 cranial nerves in each (1) human head

    12 ribs in each (1) human chest

    12 +1 = 13 times/year our moon revolves around the earth

    But let’s cut to the chase: Here’s map of how the 12 + 1 energy’s can be expressed as “moves,” and how these correspond with the way “this,” or what’s now, here emerging, occurs.  And so with more “thing” like concepts and also traditional (Western) energy anatomy.

    In case you’re already into chakras, let me explain that I follow the Western tradition of counting from the top down.  But this is not simply  because I’m a Westerner by birth (though one who has lived in East Asia, traveled and studied in South Asia).  Western means the Hermetic tradition originating in Egypt, passed down as Kabbala, sacred to all the major mystical streams in the West.

    Most relevantly for our global culture wedded together by science and technology, the Kabbalistic mapping of 10 energy centers, plus an eleventh traditionally secret one as Genesis I has been read by mystics for 2500 years, parallels very closely what we now know as scientific cosmogenesis: purpose, light, charged particles, atoms, inorganic molecules, organic molecules or plants, animals, and then various levels of human development.

    (In the forthcoming book I’ll explain why and how I count the 12th center corresponds with the “acts” of the Sabbath in Genesis II and how mystics for thousands of years have read the whole Bible as a single, simultaneous occurring, or the 13th energy).

    Grand Geek Grid of Energy’s Way :
    12 + 1 Major Moves that Open, Create, Evolve




    Sound Bites, or

    “Don’t Show Me A Chart, EXPLAIN IT TO ME!”

    12 + 1 Energetic Moves You Enact In Any Full Creative Moment

    1st Move: TURN You start any good move by veering away from inertia, intending, by TURNING

    2nd Move: TUNE You pick up signals & know if you’re on course as you attend and are thereby TUNING

    3rd Move: READ You’re able to tell what these signals mean as you distinguish & integrate by READING

    4th Move: CARE You shape & structure by embracing whatever you choose through your CARING

    5th Move: GROW You expand into where you’re headed, contract away from wherever you’re not, by GROWING

    6th Move: BLOOM You blossom into a fuller, energetic sense of what you’re up to, by BLOOMING

    7th Move: REACH You initiate new active doings from this accumulated grounding, by REACHING

    8th Move: GREET You welcome whatever comes in response to your doings by GREETING

    9th Move: JOIN You meet, bond or partner with whomever or whatever now enters your life by JOINING

    10th Move: SHARE You give & thereby receive, becoming more than you would otherwise by SHARING

    11th Move: SPEAK You voice and also always soundlessly express what only you can say through SPEAKING

    12th Move: GLOW You enact the spiritual meaning of Sabbath (Relate, Bless, Heal), by GLOWING

    13th Move: PROPHESY You Realizing by Welcoming All Moves Chime in with All Revelation


    Now, if you haven’t already signed up HERE please do so, and start enjoying this practice.  Consider reading over “How to Realize Cosmic Being” on the homepage, as it is written to be a meditation that will reward ever more patient, gently, sensitive welcoming of all that can come through the words.




    Your point about thinking and speaking of energy as a thing or substance as a limiting factor helped me experience energy is a whole new way. The 12 moves you outlined not only simplified and concretized all the theory about energy development, but also gave me helpful guidelines for moving forward and outward. Thanks for your contributing contribution to spiritual growth and a healthier world.


    Thanks. That's saying a lot for a 40 year practitioner of enlightenment disciplines, the last 15 in qogoing here, and in China. Really appreciate your chiming in, Rick. Artie


    this subject can give us a great discussion, thanks for sharing it.


    Avoid shrinking, numbing, armoring Approach a joyous jazz Experience energy's way. No need for explanation or identification No need for maps or things Just give yourself to spontaneous expression And grow your aura with each new day.


    Some people just keep deepening, broadening, heightening. Marvelous. Thanks, Rick.




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    Thanks for the plug Rick. This sure is a meaty post to send folks too, for those who are up for biting off so much and can "chew." :-)