• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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  • You know: anything gets easy when it’s a matter of 1, 2, 3.  Well, we’ll get complicated in other posts and writings but let’s do 1, 2, 3 here for energy as some background that’s good to know.

    So what are the triads we’ll be dealing with?  Take your pick: heaven, earth, and life in between.  Or take what you see in the mirror: head, torso, limbs.  Or the kingdoms you learned in basic science: mineral, vegetable, animal.  How could so many different triads be related?  Simple answer: they’re all energy.  And energy Herself comes, among endless other ways, in 3 clusters.  Let’s look:

    Imagine you’re at the top of the highest mountain for hundreds of miles in all directions.  The sky is perfectly clear, endless blue.  If you’re familiar with the idea of boundlessness excuse me; if not, you now have an image to go with a word used in all the wisdom traditions.  Put simply, the Big Picture goes on and on, no limits, not in space or time.

    We’ll stick with space for now.  In boundlessness, every point is a center.  And from  every center outward, the shortest distance to anywhere else is a straight line.  And to everywhere, lots of them.

    What’s this got to do with energy?  Even “space” is energy: its apparent emptiness is endlessly fertile.  An infinite range of events can happen any place, even in the deepest, darkest empty realms of space.  So we’ve just found a clue to a kind of live anatomy of energy: energy itself radiates by seeing its way even in darkness, like Light, with EASE, like this:


    In nature on earth, you see this patterning many places and moments.  Here’s one of the most impressive:

    Imagine next that any point is also a beginning.  No longer fixed, any point can turn.  And so energy also radiates from a dynamic center that spirals outward, making its way through apparent obstacles like a stream through a rocky bed, like Love, with FLOW, like this:



    Look at a shot of the real thing in nature.  You can tell it’s super good to drink, the original “energy brew,” right?


    And the more familiar, bathtub scene:

    Next, as water flows, so do life forms (and for precise scientific observations and calculations that document this correspondence, see http://www.vortexoflife.org.uk/):


    With a little imagination you can recognize the more obvious spiraling in the plants above transmuted in this schematic view of the way blood flows through our bodies:


    Next to the last imaginative exploration: consider that dynamism – Greek word for power – can reach in all directions at once, time after time, wave after wave.  So energy also radiates with concentric circles (two dimensions) or spheres (three dimensions).

    Each all encompassing move outward unfolds effortlessly, no strain, the way the whole Universe is given anew in each instant, and life to each of us, moment by moment, like a gift, with GRACE, handprint of the greatest Power, like this:


    And again, a patterning familiar in nature:


    Of course, as water goes life follows:


    Now, and most challenging, imagine line, spiral and circle fuse.  Not easy for most of us.  So here’s some help:


    See the donut (“torus” is the technical term)?  Here it is dynamically (moving):


    Now, for a step by step word/picture account of the way “torus” relates with “figure 8 moves” as celebrated by yours truly on discovering “Energy’s Way ”  you can go back to the article, “How to Realize Cosmic Being.”  To reiterate the crux with a different source, consider this:


    If the terms under the images above are unfamiliar and you’re curious, you can google them.  They refer to various traditions of energy arts that harness subtle energy for non-ordinary human abilities.

    My point on this blog is to show as best I can in a text/visual medium what is best transmitted over time, face to face, or through electronic communication or recordings: Energy’s Way is a direct route to clarifying, practicing and dramatically enhancing the energies involved in all such paths to greater goodness.

    Let this writing encourage you to practice.  I’m sharing the best news that has come to my life in the “wisdom years.”  I can’t imagine a day without an astoundingly nourishing experience of doubling subtle energy.  As essential to me now as the most wholesome food, water, love.

    Get out your Basic Instructions.  Treat yourself to a “meal” of cosmic goodness.  If you don’t have them go here sign in and receive a free link the next day.






    I re-read the whole blog - watched the videos, read the text. It's so wonderful. I hope people will make the effort to learn it, stay with it, appreciate it, grow and glow through it. I keep repeating the words: Ease Flow Grace I try to remember: patiently gently sensitively I aim to have higher, deeper, and fuller moments of consciousness awareness Truly magic. THANK YOU.


    Thanks Rick May these observations by a nationally renown corporate culture-changer and executive coach carry far and wide. I applaud how deeply you are ingesting and exploring this practice, and cheer you on to help alert others to the great rewards that come through incorporating "energy's way" into their journeys and practices. Energy's Way is nothing anyone owns, least of all me. It came as a gift, and all there is to do is pass it on. I'm very grateful that you are taking and passing it on in that spirit. Artie


    Very interesting, Artie. I've had an experience where the rippling effect of the energy also goes reverse, meaning toward the center. Some time ago, I was standing in the middle of the night in the mountains cleared area and there were northern lights. It was in the whole sky, with a hole in the exact center, right above my head. The green waves were pulsating from the horizon level (all around me, 360 degrees) toward the center, exactly as a rippling effect like on the water but reverse, in perfectly round circles, rhythmically. Breath taking to say the least but feeling overwhelming gratitude for this great show, knowing it was an uncommon pattern, feeling it was such a great gift, feeling myself as the observer, as well as a part of and being one with the universe all at the same time. It was awesome... Thanks for sharing...


    Wow, Diane. How wonderfully you paint with words. I was drawn into re-reading your comment a second time, more slowly, to let the images form so I could get insider all you're saying a little more. And surely, yes, none of what I present works just one way. Endless are the ways, and certainly that endlessly includes symmetries and reversals. I'll have more to present on the further "ways" in coming posts, as we take up how 3-foldness arises among mammals and humans, and then in the various spiritual traditions of the world, and especially in a much overlooked case -- the root text of Western spirituality and evolutionary science (Hebrew Bible). Artie


    Dear Artie, Atma Namaste! I salute the Divinity within you:-) this post touched something very deep inside. My physical brain is still trying to register what it is. thank you for your beautiful soul and sharing your unique gift to the world. I wanted to watch the videos, but it seems its not working in youtube... kindly check as am ready to do the practice. with love and gratitude:-)


    Thank you for you sensitive and generous reading. Let me check: did you first go to www.energysway.com and put in your email? The only way I can send those videos on to many people and not be spamming is to have a service distribute them. So you can't go directly to YouTube. If you did put your name and email in at energysway.com and still have problems let me know Artie@EnergysWay.com Thanks, and blessings.


    Thank you.look up Rudolph Steiner.


    Thanks Richie for stopping by and reading. I can't expect you to have read the whole blog, so let me say that I acknowledged Rudolf Steiner's immense and invaluable contributions in my earlier posts. I'll take this moment to do so again--nobody has gone so far on drawing out the implications of Goethe's ground breaking studies to spell out what it could mean in both letter and spirit to conduct thoroughly spiritual-scientific investigations into all facts of life and reality.