• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

  • The next clip that follows:

    "REALIZE INFINITE HEART" - Basic Instructions (6 minutes)

  • Followed by "ENERGY'S WAY PRINCIPLES" TV quality short documentary (23 minutes). 

    Then, find other free offerings will follow on that YouTube channel. 

  • Get with Energy's Way and you'll "Channel Mama Cosmos"! Click on the earth & see:

    11 Dec 2013 | Blog | Artie

  • Channel-Mama-Cosmos-animated

    Coming soon: a new eBook from Energy’s Way: “Channel Mama Cosmos.”

    A must for anyone and everyone into Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Energy, Healing, Transformation, Healing this Earth.  Stay tuned for details on how to get your copy.





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    Though the body has its capacity to heal itself, the energy of thoughts which may be positive or negative, results will be different and healing process is interrupted...sick or dis-ease regression..I always advise to be positive with awareness so that the body is allowed to maintain the balance.Negativity is the basic cause of imbalance of body or Qi or vital force flow movement. Meditation or Yoga gives ample rest to the physical and mental stress....