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    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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  • How To Realize Cosmic Being


    How To Realize Cosmic Being

    Vastly More Wise, Loving Power

    Energy’s Way

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    Einstein said we need a new way of thinking
    so let’s see what we can do with some simple words and a few px.

    We’re evolving.  But notice: we don’t DO evolving, so much as set things up and then ALLOW it, as when we make discoveries, have “Aha’s!” and experience new openings in our lives.  At crucial junctures, evolving comes on its own.

    Also true is that at our very best we can surpass allowing to WELCOME evolving. We open so far as to welcome how evolving is always welcoming us.

    Now, to what I have to share: how to get good at going from doing, to allowing, to welcoming what is likely the greatest realization most of us will ever have this time around: cosmic being.


    Your baby is lying on your bed, beyond irresistible. You reach out, touching patiently, gently, sensitively. Both of you look, see each other, as you let out soft sounds in answer to hers. Rocking with her tenderly, you feel serene, no thoughts crowd in, uplifted to unsayable thanks for this precious one who means more than your own life.

    Now imagine a way to understand reality and a way to embody and experience this understanding so that such full, tender and sweet meeting pervades your life. You heal by growing inward past where mental reflection can reach, down beneath where emotional processing can go, and back into vestiges of the oldest pain and fear from before you began to think or speak in words.

    And lastly, imagine that this way to understand and practice opens for you to create and evolve dramatically–up, out and forward energetically to degrees that traditional practices for higher development have never made possible beyond a few great adepts in each generation.

    So you may glimpse the promise of Energy’s Way.  You discover how to infuse wise, loving power into every cell of you, every bit of thinking, feeling and acting, and all your dealings, casual, personal, social, professional and in the many communities of your world and ours.

    How Can All This Be?

    Best short, vivid answer I know: Helen Keller. She became blind and deaf from disease in infancy and spent her early years as a “wild child.” Then, when Helen was 7, Annie, her tutor, had a brainstorm: she thrust Helen’s hand under running water and wrote W A T E R with a forefinger into Helen’s palm. Helen “got it.”

    Later, when she had learned to speak and was giving lectures and writing her memoirs (still blind and deaf), Helen explained: What she got in that moment with Annie was far beyond the letters that spell water.

    She got language, communication, being related, connected, how to use her mouth, tongue, body, so as to learn, express herself and be heard. She got the world and a new universe of potential. And she got a jumping off point for one of the most inspired, inspiring, spiritually elevated lives of all time.

    “This” Opens Energy’s Way

    All of this Helen got in a moment of first stirrings. And now let me invite you to blend in a whole new way these first two sections. And I’m going to invite you to play with this word, “this.” OK?

    How would “this” now be for you, to let Helen’s “this” and all you find as “this” when imagining an idyll with your baby, and you take “this” further as a way to understand and relate to all of life?

    “This” also happens to be our snappiest one syllable for referring to all that emerges when you follow one of the most simple, often quoted bits of advice for awakening: “be, here, now.” So, please, do it, follow the advice, and “be, here, now!”

    Then, notice: look, listen, feel, sense and you find endless details–sights, sounds, colors, vibes, on and on–right?  Only they also are in some way altogether, pervaded by a sense of immediate, concrete, “this-ness,” no?

    Now, Are you getting a hint of a whole new “this?” Let’s see if I can say it simply: Energy’s Way unfolds, as we will see in more carefully drawn detail, “this” way. Endless specifics dawn and register, and also endlessly more resonates beyond appearances, including how you’d most want to be with your baby, and at least implicitly a universe of potential as great as all that came to Helen.

    So yes, if you already guessed, you’ve set out on what is intended to be a meditation in print.  This is not instruction for what to do when you go off and sit on a cushion.  Rather, I’m inviting you to “be, here, now” with each bit of “this,” or all that’s emerging, here, now as you read.  Then see if you can allow, and maybe even welcome a prospect for evolving as cosmic being beyond any idea, goal, identity or even “non-dualist” “one taste” or whatever you’ve ever considered.

    And don’t be surprised if you don’t “get it” on first reading. Some phrases, sentences or passages may call for reading many more times than once. But how many times are you prepared to do your standard meditation, yoga postures, qi gong moves before you “get it”?


    All Purpose Thumbnail

     Energy’s Way is a new fusion of body, mind and spirit in both practice and theory. Make Energy’s Way yours and you create a vast opening to higher energies into everyday life.  No need to go to some separate place, in a separate time.  No gimmick, technique, belief, other than opening and evolving, simply, directly and enjoyably and in a way you can do throughout your day.

    You can practice Energy’s Way lying, sitting, standing as well as walking, and of course, along with any other valuable body, mind or spiritual disciplines.  It works in front of a computer, or at a table, riding in a car or on a plane.  And it is possible to do so subtlely as to be completely unnoticeable by others.

    No special trappings necessary.  Just shift into being open, free and supple enough, in how you move bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and whoosh!  You open to cosmic energy to a degree far beyond what traditional methods of higher development have so far made possible.

    This Discovery of a Lifetime

    . . . came 42 years into my post Vietnam search for peace: a new fusing of body, mind and spirit disciplines, East, West, ancient, cutting edge.

    After the army, I had taken up studying, practicing and teaching such work, like many anti-war activists in my generation.  For me that meant a PhD in clinical psychology and what ended up being decades of meditating in various Buddhist and Western styles, doing yoga of major schools, along with tutoring by world class philosophers, and eventual certification as a personal trainer, as a Pranic energy healer, and as a teacher of subtle body work given by one of the students of Moshe Feldenkrais.

    Over this same time growth centers began springing up, spreading world-wide and eventually going online.  Now we have a huge variety of approaches to higher development.  Each “way” is a separate brand.  All go together only in the sense of being side-by-side, like dishes at a pot luck banquet.

    Conceptual maps linking various approaches have become more elaborate.  But how “the one” of higher being figures in the many ways to pursue it has stayed murky.  For years I wondered, “what’s the way of ways?”  Not a theory, but a direct route you can feel and do, a true sweet spot?

    Then whoosh, all emerged into a new and singular flourish

    The “whoosh!” happened as I rose from devotions one morning and found myself moving in a slow dance.  Deep pleasure and a huge smile took over, head to toe.  Without knowing how, I was orchestrating all 13 major joints–ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, head on neck–in undulating spirals, our familiar figure 8’s.

    And then, I drew on my energy healer skill to scan what was happening. Amazing!  How’s this possible?  More subtle energies were pouring in than in the highest yoga, meditation, and qi gong practices I’ve done for years.

    WHAT is going on?

    First Hints of Energy’s Way

    . . . surfaced from a new discipline, cosmometry–like “geo-metry,” which is earth bound, but deliberately oriented to the “cosmos.”  Cosmometry blends ancient insights with the modern energy science of “synergetics,” some from “vortex” math, and others from “resonance” physics.  Research now shows that energy fields take shape like apples and oranges: a sphere with a deep dimple at top and bottom.  Formal name: torus.

    The path energy travels loop-de-loop through the fields it makes is like two circles touching, a figure 8 on its side.  Also known as “toroidal dynamics.”  You know it as the infinity symbol, a name given in 1655 to a pattern known to the ancients.

    Apparently, my “whoosh!” revealed energy doing Her thing from within and bodily, much as energy physics had been finding without in physical structures all over the universe.



    With further study I realized that these dynamics also apply to us on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well as the physical.  Reflexivity, or “turning back on itself” in thinking, feeling, speaking and acting is characteristic of our most refined expressions, as we will see below.

    But such refined expressions, while natural to us by constitution, are blocked by our “human conditioning.”  You can see for yourself: do whatever your idea is of moving in figure 8 patterns, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and likely you won’t notice much benefit. For only when you cultivate moving AND bring to bear the elements we first contemplated as you imagined your baby  does the magic happen.

    Let me restate this for emphasis, for it’s the crux of Energy’s Way: Only when you move AND explore, patiently, gently, and sensitively enough do you find the wonderful good feeling, and dramatically enhanced energies.

    How so?  Turns out as you delve further still that Energy’s Way is ease, flow, and grace.

    Ease: beyond conflict, highest intelligence.

    Flow: no obstacle, feeling fully and fluidly.

    Grace: no force, effortless power.

    To understand, embody and experience Energy’s Way we have to neutralize our “seared in by the human condition” habits of being rushed, harsh and forceful.  These “habits of civilization” close down on and dissipate energy on all levels.  Only as we revise them do we enter into energetic synchrony.

    And revising takes exactly such patient, gentle sensitivity that we bring in our most idyllic moments to our precious infant, but which almost all of us habitually exclude from ways we go about our own lives.  For so much of how we rush, harshly and forcefully is totally automatic, dating from before we could think in thoughts or speak with words.

    You can begin to soothe these tendencies by following the videos and reading offered as a public service at energysway.com

    Live coaching, in person, or on video calls, has so far proved invaluable for people who have drawn the greatest gains for this work.

    For a sampling of what more extensive study will bring you to, read these next few pages.

    Consummating Cosmic Communion 

    One way to sum up what it’s like to guide people in exploring alternatives to rushed, harsh forcefulness is that I play cupid, inviting them into an inner courtship.

    In your most rewarding moments of such exploring you consummate a Divine marriage, one you can eventually extend into all you think of as tissues and cells, as well as into the relatings, doings, and goings on of your life.

    Yes, we’re marrying Yin to Yang.  Energy, in Her ever varied, ever new, unimaginably vast and intricate yet unmistakable signature song and dance embracing us all, needs to take Her proper place.



    Her?  She?  No coincidence that our challenge on this earth now is to MAnifest, MAterialize spirit in ways that MAtter.  And no coincidence that we name these acts as MA-MA words.  Energy is our tech term for what has been called “divine Feminine”, the forces that conceive, gestate, birth, nurse, wean, nurture and set free to be all that is.

    The time is overdue for Yin to marry Yang.  Workshops that cheer people on to take ‘massive action’ have been around for decades. But if you’ve done that kick-ass-breakthrough-go-for-it bit long enough, you may be ready for the virtue of balance.  All Yang and no Yin makes Jack a creep and Jill a mess.

    In our time, women coming more into their own are drawing on Goddess traditions and related work for Yin balance.   Energy’s Way is inspired, in part, by these trends, while enlarging our sense of home beyond Mother Earth.

    So we nod here to God, Uncreated, Spirit, Higher Power in charge.  But we also recognize who runs the House, in every culture, everywhere.  In the Biggest Picture, the show belongs to our Mama of all Mamas, Mama Cosmos.

    So Began a New Practice.

      The first months of sharing with friends and clients allowed for hundreds of trials that confirmed the unprecedented benefits, now corroborated over several years.  Dedicated practitioners who stay with it have seen their kundalinis, auras, and lives soar.

    Let me repeat what I stated at the outset: Energy’s Way can be practiced lying, sitting, standing as well as walking, and of course, along with any other valuable body, mind or spiritual practices.  It works in front of a computer, or while eating, waiting on a platform for a subway, sitting inside riding in a train, car, or plane.  And it can be so subtlely done that no-one knows you’re drawing in a hefty dose of divine energy.

    We no longer need to think, feel and act as if higher development has to take place apart from or outside the routine of everyday life.  Coaching, classes, workshops and retreats remain invaluable.  But we no longer NEED to go to some separate place, in a separate time to practice.  Simply, easily, enjoyably this super potent way of opening and evolving can be done throughout your day.  Just shift into being open, free and supple enough, in how you move bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and whoosh!

    Why Does Energy’s Way Matter Now?

     To approximate Einstein, “you can’t solve problems at the level they were created.”  In our time, the spice dealer in the bazaar in New Delhi markets online to New York.  Everyday business from start-up is at least potentially global.  So are our most life threatening challenges.

    So let’s consider that the global dimensions of our opportunities and problems call for energies that surpass earthly limits as never before.  Realizing Cosmic Being is as much a practical imperative now, as it has long been a spiritual promise.

    To bring this home a bit more, all that most matters to you or any of us involves being effective, fulfilled and impactful.  These qualities stem from energies we don’t “make” or “do,” but have to “draw down,” or “pipe in”–intelligence, coherent connection, and potency.

    This threesome is the practical expression of what have long been known as sacred trinities, such as Light, Love and Power.  As we will see in later work, such energies are not bounded in space or time.  They pervade the cosmos.  And only to the degree we realize our cosmic nature do we tap these and other highest energies most fully.

    Wise, loving power has long characterized the splendid ripening of our greatest sages and elders.  But in our time, “elder energy” is increasingly necessary for young adults and working people of any age in an increasingly global, online world.

    For the new formula for economic success now parallels the formula for success in any and all personal relationships.  No longer is the key question, “how do I get mine’?” but rather, “how to bring my unique, creative gifts to contribute value to all?”

     Discovering That We’re All Already Cosmic Beings

    As a rough estimate, diligent practice of Energy’s Way, maybe minutes at a time a few times a day, allows us to double in radiant energy several times a week.  That’s like wildly compounding interest.  How the numbers work is astounding: someone who begins with a decent sized astral aura can reach the sun energetically in a matter of months.

    What?  Here’s the ditty that came: “Practice Energy’s Way enough minutes each day and you’ll go galactic in a very big way.”

    Actually, nothing is terribly surprising in these claims.  Dig into your wisdom books with an open mind and you’ll find that cosmic being is an ancient promise.  All great teachings imply as much.  Where or how else would enlightened, awake, divinely sparkling, children of God be but One with Creation, All that Is, Universe?

    All that’s been lacking are clear specifics on how, concretely, to realize cosmic being, now, here, in the midst of this life that bears your name.  That is, how to both recognize and make real our cosmic stature. This has not been laid out as neatly as the 4 Noble Truths for relieving suffering, or the Ten Commandments for serving God, let alone the innumerable packages of step-wise protocols now available for healing yourself, others, the world.

    Energy’s Way comes in the midst of rapidly expanding efforts world-wide to bring healing and life transforming practices to people everywhere.  So what you have here is an unusually straightforward, highly potent way to enhance the experiential aspects of all such work.

    How Exactly Is This Possible?

    Figure 8-ing with our torso and limbs is most obvious as physical moves.  But observe closely and you’ll find that it’s like a musical theme: readily transposed into different keys and higher registers.

    In fact, only when playing in all our major “keys” together, bodily, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, does the full resonance “ring out” and draw vast energies down.

    What appears as “figure-8-ing” of ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and head on neck, is also “turning back on itself,” reflexive, recursive. And this reflexive or recursive quality pervades all levels of our most supple, free and open activity:

    Emotionally, we only “get” that we “project feelings” by experiencing that whatever seems to be coming in is at once what we’re putting out.  Stuff appears already colored and shaped by where and how we’re coming from.

    Mentally, when we’re able to think into our very ways of thinking we notice that whatever we think is “out there” also invariably reflects our ideas or preconceptions we’re bringing to bear.

    And while a popular trend likens such observings to “the uncertainty principle” in physics, whereby Heisenberg proposed that any attempt to establish basic facts in the quantum realm alters that reality, reflexivity has been known to thinkers since ancient times.

    Check this out: all our highest spiritual truths lend themselves to being worded reflexively.  Most familiar are such phrases as,

    “Whatever goes around, comes around”: (Golden Rule & Law of Karma)

    what gps

    As above so below”: (Law of Macrocosm & Microcosm)

    as above

    Giving is receiving”:       (Law of Love)


    Most succinctly, we find this “turning back on itself” in our simple, highly evocative word: “this.”  For saying “this” at once calls you to attend to just what’s emerging, here now.  And at the same instant “this” draws out and names what “this” calls you to notice.  Word, impact, meaning all are intertwined, turning on their own turnings, in a single utterance.

    And so, whatever else is also true, THIS is Energy’s Way.

    Now, all experiential work invariably unfolds reflexively the way “this” does: whatever way you find to open, create, evolve, are ways that open to openness, create creating, evolve evolving.  And when you’re tuned into direct experience what pours in with such turnings-back-on-themselves is energy.

    So, too, energy Herself does nothing so much as energize.  And She does this by “singing dancing” with a repertory of “resounding major moves,” each of which is at once distinct, endlessly variable yet always bearing Her signature, as we will see in other writings on 12 + 1 Moves of Energy’s Way.

    Let’s “Move” Into “This” A Bit, Here, Now 

     To honor our forbears let’s note that we’re echoing ancient, universal teachings even as we sing a new song.

    The best-selling book of all time, and founding text of Western spirituality, the Bible, uses the word “this” for God.  In the East, a famous Koan or “head cracker” by the great sage, Bodhidharma, goes:  “This mind is the Buddha.”

    What mind is “this mind”?  Try this on: the mind that gets “this”!

    How to “get this” more exactly?  We can answer in a way the ancients didn’t, or didn’t think necessary or maybe even possible.

    Let me show you by moving into how “this” works and plays in, with and through us:

    You’re reading.  And now you’re not only reading but also noticing that you are.

    In that line above, did you notice?  You just let me do what is usually called “draw your attention” or “bring awareness” while you read.  Here I’ll blend hints from my most inspiring teachers to state more plainly than I’ve heard or read that this usual way of thinking and speaking is what needs revising.

    Huh?  How come?  So as to be more precise, valuable and pave the way for us to fulfill our cosmic promise.

    Usually, we make sentences with a subject, verb, and object.  Something does some kind of business to something else.  And crucial to all this is the reliance on “things,” entities that stay fixed in essential qualities from the beginning to the end of the sentence.

    But attending and being aware are energetic doings.  Like energy Herself, they don’t stay fixed.  They don’t even stay inside any kind of defined borders or definitions.  Making them into “things” and using “thing-like” thoughts that we move around and call that thinking misses the boat, big time.

    Let’s Go Further into Doing what We’re Saying

    So how to think and speak of such doings?  Here’s a warm up for what’s coming: You attend, and when you attend to how you’re attending you find a still fuller attending that is self-attending and that we rightly call being aware.

    OK, what does that do?  Using words to call up, point to, and identify actions while we’re engaging in them brings into direct experience.  Doing so grounds, relates, connects us with immediate and concrete happenings that we can check out.  We become scientists of living.  No longer simply caught up in untested theory or speculation.

    And so, we also are able to free ourselves from a very old habit taught as philosophy and traditional science since ancient times and now enshrined as common sense.

    Habitually, people unknowingly turn their doings into nouns, modeled on objects and things we manipulate in space and time.  We abstract, distance ourselves from experience and stop attending carefully once we do.

    Oh yes, we, human beings, have harnessed this habit world wide into a collective project of constructing a global infrastructure, of electronic networks and high speed travel across land, sea and through the air.  A huge, historic accomplishment.

    But along with the devastating environmental fallout, our “thing-making mental habits” used uncritically to map our lives have a serious, personal and collective downside.

    To be blunt, what we call common sense squeezes reality into dead thought packets, like the cadavers that have filled biology and medical labs for centuries in the quest to explain life forms.  But dead thoughts are lacking the way cadavers are.  Actual living is absent.

    And since whatever goes around comes around, we end up deadening ourselves, habitually shrinking who we are inside pitiful self-caricatures we call identities.

    So we need to think and speak actively, and in the midst of acting.  And to do this we need to avoid falling into the habit of assuming we can map life, experience and reality the way we make blueprints, schematics and representations of machines.

    Turning to direct experience is “this” way, energy’s way, and our only access to cosmic being.  For experience, like energy, is action, always surpassing itself.  Any map we make is outmoded the instant we come up with it.

    So how can I speak to you and guide you in a new understanding and practice without making some “thing” or “abstraction” ABOUT you or your doings?

    Hang in: we’re about to play cupid in yet another way, this time so that spirit and science can go courting, in and through you, directly.  And for this we need to extend our thinking and talking even further, and in a way that was foreshadowed with this book, “I and Thou,” by Martin Buber, from 1923:

    Buber I and Thou and whole being-214257

    Notice: this great sage wanted to revive the ancient, spiritual message of “Love Thy Neighbor” for the age of science. He realized that new ways of thinking and speaking would be necessary.

    Buber’s solution was to suggest pairings of pronouns, I-it and I-thou, to show that we are always relating with life in some way. As I-it we relate with lifeless objects, things. As I-thou we relate with someone, some Oneness, (my paraphrase) whom we address as “you.”

    He wrote and taught extensively to retrieve full and genuine relating with each other from automatic “it-making” or what I’ve called “thing-ifying,” or treating ourselves and each other as if we are disconnected isolates subject only to external forces like objects in classical physics.

    But notice too, Buber couldn’t help resorting in his explanations of “you talk” to “third person” or “thing” words–“the basic word” and “one’s whole being” and “A thou.”

    Full flowering of “you talk” has been waiting to happen, growing most of all through the greatest, modern multi-media art form, advertising, as announced here, in 2007:


    Now Let’s Talk to You And Stay True to How Only You Can Do All You Do 🙂

    Huh?   Hang in: to recognize and to do justice to YOU who live your life we need to speak TO not ABOUT you, for you bring all your living to life.  And this remains true whether you’re asleep or awake, witting or not.

    Furthermore how exactly you act in all you do is also quintessentially you.

    Yes your doings are at once human, with traces of all influences you’ve been subject to, and yes bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and on and on.

    Only you sign in anew, as uniquely you, in all you do.

    Let the rhymes wash over you.  I’m not laboring to come up with them.  English genius provides for fun as well as succinct and cogent phrasing.

    So if we name your doings also by referring to you we come up with a new, and yes, strange sounding phrase.  This one involves “turning back on itself”  figure-8-ing, in that subject, verb and object of the sentence all derive from the same root.  And since I’ll be addressing you, let me point that when spoken to in the way I’m about to do, you don’t stay fixed.  You have all the living space and time to unfold as fits for you over the course of this stringing together of words:

    In all you do you (subject) YOU (verb).

    And who emerges when you YOU?  Of course: YOU (object).

    So to say fully how you go about living:

    You YOU you.

    Which is no more strange to say than how “this” acts in a way that we can pay tribute to as “this-ifying.”  For “this” does nothing so much as “this-ify” this-ness.  Just as energy energizes energizing.  And opening opens to the openness it opens to.

    Why bother with such hard-to-grasp phrases!  EXACTLY because we can’t “grasp” in our automatic ways.  We have to think this, feel this, respond to this, at each moment of saying or hearing such talk.

    Furthermore,  in hearing or saying how “you YOU you” these words call you further into all you’re doing.  You thereby experience all or at least some of your doings more fully.  And an automatic habit falls away of sending you on a fool’s errand to find some thing or abstraction that never enters experience.

    Fool’s errand?  Such as?  Here a few our most familiar abstractions in experiential work, “content-process-context” and “field-part-wave uncollapse” and “cortex-midbrain-limbic system” and “id-ego-superego.”  Such fictions often dignified as abstractions have been mixed blessings in recent times.  They aid by mapping previously unexplored doings.  But they map us, our lives and experience in “it” terms, as if we’re made up of fixed parts or pieces that can be “located” in some “mental space.”

    Yes, we can be taught to go along with that strategy, as people have been for a very long time.  But part of the price we pay is to go numb so as not to feel how estranging such talk is for us.

    Art Has Been Showing THIS Way Over the Last Century

    Improvisational arts, especially jazz, free form dance and theater improv, deliberately enter into creative unfolding.  In live performing, artists in this groove downplay at least for a time scripts, charts, maps and other fixed structures.  Yes, notes, scales, chords, moves, combos, riffs, all need to be studied, practiced, mastered.  But then spontaneous creating comes front and center.

    Energy’s Way comes in time for the age when life will thrive most of all as joyous, cosmic jazz.

    Models, mechanisms and schemes will remain highly useful for the bits of reality we can manipulate and control.  But to realize who we are we need to grow into new ways to think, speak and act.

    And most crucially, this new way needs to heighten how we “listen” and “hear” our wordless “speaking” in what I call “our original mother tongue.”

    Tuning In and Revising Our Most Deeply Ingrained, “NO!” to Energy and Life

    Just as “there are no things” when we most closely observe reality and experience, so we find when acutely aware that “there is no ‘the body’.”  All you can feel, touch, and move with physically remains you, and how you embody you, all the way through–you YOU-ing you, in all you do.

    Here’s why this matters.  Assuming or living as if “the body” exists, is real, and is a thing, estranges us fundamentally.  We close down on energy, by saying “no!” and “not this!” as our ongoing commentary, with a negating gesture that pervades all else we say and do.

    This will be easier to wrap your head around if we first linger on a finding from depth psychology.  Freud and others in the early 20th century insisted that every move we make is gesture.  That is, we are always acting with meaning, however subtle and unwitting, from the first moments of life and likely in the womb.

    So read and watch further here at Energy’s Way and discover how you’re still at it.  In the repertory you first developed early in life, which I call “your original mother tongue,” you like all of us are commenting on life, moment to moment, most of all with unwitting gestures we call poses and posture.

    All of this is more subtle than what is usually called “body language,” which consists of obvious signals we give off.  Almost guaranteed you stiffen underneath your presentable image. This is a residual repertory from your earliest recoilings in fear.

    You’re not likely to notice unless you’re receiving a massage, or someone asks you if you’re “stressed” or “tense.”  In the book, videos and courses on Energy’s Way I’ll show you in detail.  But noticing is not enough.  Only if you’re guided to explore and discover a viable alternative will you revise habitual shrinking or going numb.

    For virtually guaranteed you still resort to your earliest responses in life, which came as gesturings with eyes, face, hands, limbs, or overall configurings head to toe.  You didn’t always have someone with you the way we imagined together at the beginning of this piece.  If you did, you’d be walking on water, or teaching others to.

    You had to deal with being disappointed, unseen, unheard, unresponded to in the ways you, like all of us, most deeply wish for.  And so you devised a repertory for self-protective, invisible armoring.  And now, even strenuous amounts of reflective thinking, emotional processing, or energy clearing can fail to relieve what you are unwittingly committed to maintain as necessary defense.

    So now what?  Answering will take more than even this drawn out summary.  Sign up for free Basic Instructions at energysway.com if you haven’t already.

    Do the practice, read and watch the follow-up lessons that will also come to you without charge.

    And at a pace right for you, bring elder energy–ever growing wise, loving power–to soothe fears and pains you’ve unwittingly carried, deeply embodied all your life, or more.

    Then let you as treasured gift unfold as never before–you increasingly exuding abundant blessings as realized sage, true cosmic being.

    And stay tuned for further ways we can be in touch and explore further together.

    Energy’s Way is for giving away

    Thanks for giving me the gift of letting me share.

    Now please pay this treasure forward,

    as you aid in midwifing

    “Cosmic Being”

    among the great realizations of this time.

    For an intro summary of Energy’s 12 + 1 major moves click:


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