• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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  • Work with Artie

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    Hi, this is Artie.

    I consult and coach on love, work, life and spiritual issues while also doing energy and subtle body work, and I teach Energy’s Way. If you’d like to hear a bit more to see if working together fits read on!

    People who get the most from meeting with me tend to be talented, sophisticated and thoughtful. They stand out, and are looking for someone who “gets” them in all their stature and can readily see ways they can fill out that stature even more.

    Sound like you? If so, how’s this:

    All I do now is informed by energy. Not energy as a metaphor, as in “s/he has good energy.” After decades of training and practice (PhD in psych, Reiki, meditation, yoga, qigong, Feldenkrais), I’m now certified in Pranic Healing and am able to direct and feel energy in my hands.

    As we meet I will often test or “scan” for all kinds of things–how well you’re nourished (or not), what signals are coming from your highest wisdom as opposed to your gut, and endlessly more.

    Being able to feel energy, and show others to do the same, radically boosts our capacities to draw down wise, loving power. So while colleagues in related fields talk about “creating ppossibility” and cheer others on to do so, we’ll open all that as direct experience–you’ll actually come to feel possibility, as energizing openings.

    And while phrases like “deep dive” have become popular among coaches, I’ll show you quite concretely how to reach into the subtlest layers of how you close down, hide, fight, go numb or turn off most of all to yourself. All the better to free you into being you beyond any identity you can readily name.

    We’ll go way past what is commonly turned up by reflecting on your thoughts or processing your emotions. We’ll do some of that, but way deeper than thought, feeling, or any mere “talking about” can reach.

    How? By following where energy leads, and also by guiding you in “hearing” how you “speak” in your “original mother tongue”–which is very subtle, physical expression.

    Much more subtly than what we know as “body language,” all of us, at every moment are commenting on how life is by the ways we embody who we are. Many many techniques for “getting in touch with the body” can be helpful. But ultimately, as I’ll show you, “there is no ‘THE BODY.”

    Wherever you are, there’s only you, and how you are with you, all the way in past your masks, and down past your deepest emotions, and back to your earliest learnings of how to cope with living.

    And the more YOU FIND YOU in this sense, the more you open to energy, in all Her expressions–especially Her FOUR great clusters, Just as physical reality occurs as light/heat, gas, liquid and solid, and earthly kingdoms as mineral, plant, animal and human, so our constitution bodily occurs as 4 systems: nervous, cardiovascular, metabolic and reproductive.  Normal development unfolds as we elaborate these 4 into thinking, feeling, acting, and pleasuring.  

    Higher development unfolds into the sublime realms of:

    – wise(highest intelligence, awareness, insight),

    – loving (connection, charisma, compassion),

    – potent (impactful action through commitment, focus, follow through).

    — joy (ultimately fulfilling, ecstatic, “gasming”)

    So I refer to the work I do as Energy’s Way. For this way became revealed when energy so filled me that I had to recognize Energy as my most immediate great source, teacher and guide.

    More and more of us foresee that we, human beings, are entering the Energy Age. So especially if you are someone who already lives and inspires others from a leading edge, or know it is your destiny to get out there, you can hardly do better than apprentice yourself to Energy’s Way. And it will be my joy and privilege to join in as a friend who will also accompany you and be a guide.

    My consultants insist, “Tell them the concrete benefits that will come!”

    So how about these:

    – Visions, insights and realizations will come to you with a fullness and frequency beyond anything you’ve experienced;

    –Your ability to connect, touch and uplift others will grow dramatically as well;

    –Your intent, words and acts will resound and carry a greater impact on people and events around you than ever imaginable.

    — You learn to generate at will the pleasure of “tingling til you twang” moment to moment

    And what will it be like to work with me? I can’t know ahead of time, of course. But I will say that only if you very quickly experience our meeting as deeply rewarding will we continue.

    More concretely, I’ll likely be one of the rare ones who looks in your eye (live, Skype, Google+), listens to your words, and reads your energy (whether or not I see or hear you) and GETS you.

    That will be our ever present point of departure. And then all else will unfold. For my specialty is to CHANNEL YOU TO YOU

    How, How Long, and How much:

    First, send me an email at Artie@bxz.aa7.myftpupload.com and tell me what you think I’ll need to know to get a sense of you and whether I can be helpful. Please ATTACH a recent photo (makes it a bit easier to “read” your energy).   I’ll reply and we have an exchange or go straight to setting up a brief live talk.

    If we click, we schedule a series of meetings. I can’t hope to do justice to you, uniquely, with a small set of pre-fab packages. Only after we talk will we know how to go forward.

    My fees are set on a sliding scale. And yes, discounts for people who want to set goals, establish a regularity and flow. All of that depends on you.

    For a humorous 39 second, fast cut clip to get the look, sound and feel of me done by a friend go here

    And for some background on me here’s a “big picture” bio sketch

    Endless, loving blessings to you.