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  • 12 + 1 Signature of Energy - Packed Spheres, Vector Equilibrium, Zodiac, Moon Cycles, Biology

    18 Sep 2013 | Blog | Artie

  • 12 + 1 moves of Energy’s Way, which you can review in various other writings on this site, is not arbitrary.  Since ancient times, energy adepts in both East and West have tracked energy centers in our subtle body this way, not always adding the = 1 to recognize the ensemble as a single whole.

    Now, we will do well to consider that 12 + 1 is a way that Energy “signs” Her name in many, endless ways.   Doing so will aid us in appreciating how beautifully interrelated we and all energetic doings are.  Each such doing is utterly distinct, yet all are pervaded by common harmonies the way music is, and choreographic elements the way dance is.

    Yes, the aesthetically challenged “geek” version of all this is “fractal holographic” universe, which has its uses.   But we’re into full living here, not formulaic correctness.  So:

    Please join me in celebrating the following hints that life as cosmic being unfolds as cosmic jazz.

    12 Equal Spheres Around 1 = 13, ancient fact in solid geometry

    Twelve on 1 spheres Kissing

    Take music.  Picture a piano or any musical keyboard with white and black keys.  Seven white keys from A to G.  five black keys A#, C#, D#, F#, G# (go up the scale).  7 + 5 = 12.  Yes, our “12 tone scale.”  Don’t ask a musician “why 12?”  Any more than you’d ask a clocksmith, “Why 12 hours?”  Or a bicyle repairperson, “Why a minimum opf 12 spokes to keep the bike wheel stable?”

    (You CAN find astounding, precise and persuasive answers to “why 12?” in the great work called “Synergetics,” by one of the towering giants of 20th century thought, Buckminster Fuller, here.)

    Now for the “good part” — eye catching images.

    Those 12 tones make music according to some harmonic principles.  What if someone were to depict those principles on a color coded diagram?  Marshall Lefferts has done just that at www.Cosmometry.net.  The result is wondrous.  I call his work “visual Bach” — like the sublime musical intricacy of our most incomparable composer:



    Then I recalled one of the most charming and also challenging intellectual exercises I’ve ever engaged in — reading “The Geometry of Meaning” by thinker and inventor Arthur M. Young.  Also one of the great minds of the 20th century, Young was a philosopher who wished to make up for the scientific and technical ignorance in his discipline.  To that end he dedicated himself to helping invent the first commercially viable helicopter.

    His “Geometry of Meaning” revives and updates ancient, universal intuitions that link geometry and the many ways that we, humans, make sense of things.

    First, he explored the formulae used by classical (Newtonian) physics to chart the mechanical world.  All of these formulae combine length = L, mass = M and time = T, to come up with a total of “12 measure formulae” of classical or Newtonian physics:

    12 “measure formulae” distinguished and clustered by Arthur Young
    (reproduced from The Geometry of Meaning, p. 102)
    Actions States Relationships
    Position — L Moment — ML Power — ML2/T3
    Velocity — L/T Momentum — ML/T Inertia — ML2
    Acceleration — L/T 2 Force — ML/T 2 Action — ML2/T
    Control — L/T3 Mass control — ML/T3 Work — ML2/T2
    Young indicates with respect to this table: The last column is displaced one place.., in order to have the three members on each line 120 degrees apart (p. 102) … in the circular configurations presented below


    A fellow enthusiast for Young’s work — Keith Critchlow also a towering figure in the study of art, sacred geometry and esoteric disciplines — has provided an online summary of the next step.  These formulae are arranged in a circle.  And then paired with words that convey their meaning, along with a word that voices a related significance in philosophical discussions.

    And lastly, alongside each one also appears one of the 12 symbols long used to designate personality types in all the great ancient civilizations.  These types are best known for the constellations of stars that appear prominently during the 12 lunar months of the year.

    When all of these are brought together, and then the sequence of ancient zodiacal signs is played at the center of the circle as an animation, Critchlow’s beguiling diagram appears thus:

    Zodiac of alchemical processes with Geometry of Meaning

    For more detail on the above: http://kairos.laetusinpraesens.org/meaning_1_h_15

    The point for Energy’s Way is that precise science and geometric relations now flesh out the ancient, mystical idea “as above, so below.”  The macrocosm as energy instances itself in every energetic microcosm.

    Specifically, every energy field of any size is now known to consist of “12 vectors of equilibrium.”  So the 12 “moves” of Energy’s Way that we will be exploring in future blogs can be understood as the “signature” of Energy having Her Way with us.

    THANKS for hanging in!  May this be encouragement for you to practice.  You now have graphic support for realizing that as you SYNC Energy’s Way you bring the macrocosm into your microcosm.  Literally you channel Mother Cosmos!

    And if you don’t yet have the complimentary video instructions, please go to EnergysWay.com and give my distributor your email address.





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