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    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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  • Transform Transformation through Realization

    26 Dec 2013 | Blog | Artie

  • ChannelMamaCosmos COVER for BOOK & OPTIN 11-7-13 

     A few readers have asked, “So what’s your new book–“Channel Mama Cosmos“–about?”  That’s such a gift–giving me good reason to sound off–that I’ve I decided to give you all a preview.

    See the cover?  Conceived by me, Artie Egendorf, gestated and birthed by immensely talented artist, Biljana Milkov:

    “Channel Mama Cosmos” is more than a title, goal, or lofty aspiration. This phrase says the message of this book and Energy’s Way as a contribution to human betterment. . 

    Not only are you endlessly related with all of us and all of life, and not a separate entity, as increasing numbers of teachers are now saying.

    And not only are you unique, as the greatest of Western sages have been trying to convey for thousands of years.

    And still further, not only are you ever evolving moment to moment, as the leaders of spiritual evolution now propose.

    But also, all of this is true way beyond the confines of your life or life on this earth. You are all of this and more cosmically.

    For every move you make takes energy. And energy has no bounds, either in space or time.

    So you are always Channeling Mama Cosmos. Even before you think of making a move of whatever kind – in body, mind, soul or spirit. Just being here, now, alive.

    Already you are piping in Her (more on gender later) energy. Always.

    Always already – a phrase that philosophers and spiritual teachers use. It means “it’s happening as a matter of course, whether you know it or not.”

    Always already Channeling Mama Cosmos is who you are.

    This work will provide ways for you to understand, experience, and thereby realize this fact – that is, recognize and make it real both for yourself and in your life as never before.

    “So what’s that going to do for me?” Good question. I was wondering when you’d ask.

    Realizing that in every moment you always already Channel Mama Cosmos transforms all ideas of transformation. 

    For in this realizing you move radically toward REALIZATION:
    – Filling out your full and true stature
    – Stepping into a world historic destiny
    – Coming to manifest what matters for all time

    You emerge into realizing such spiritual potential as only by great masters have done – being a distinct bridge for bringing Heaven to Earth, NOW.  

    Follow Energy’s Way, as a practice, as explained here, but taught in our online complimentary videos, and courses to come. And you will continually Transform Transformation through Realization – as you Channel Mama Cosmos as never before.

    Enough for a teaser?  PULEEZE comment, here below, or on FB Energy’s Way page.  What you have to say in response will invariably be valuable to me and others who read this.

    AND IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE MY COMPLIMENTARY VIDEOS SO YOU CAN learn and practice this new fusion, in only minutes a day, please, go here: www.EnergysWay.com

    Thanks, and loving blessings,



    Artie, you definitely got my attention! with this description ! When is your book going to be available? I'm waiting for it. xxTomar


    Thanks Tomar. "Soon" the book will be out, keep your eyes peeled. Spring 2014 or earlier. Hugs to you, Artie


    I love it! I can't wait to hear more! When will the book be ready to purchase?


    Wow. I feel this will be a game changer. Or better yet a change in life's perspective.. Looking forward to reading more.. Thank You so much for this loving powerful and transformative work its inspiring and it sure is nice to have someone with your loving energy help others find their light. It has definetly made me Shine Bright..


    Super supportive, Lindsey, what you do when you jump out of bed, right? Thanks for the nod. Love to you and yours, Artie


    saw your comment on Kao's hangout page and I signed up for the videos. "Always already".....I am so sharing that! and I agree to the impt of realization, tho I usually call it awareness. at any rate, love, love, love what you're doing!


    What's up, I check your new stuff regularly. Your writing style is witty, keep it up!


    Thanks. I'm working on it. It's now late summer 2014, and "Channel Mama Cosmos" is coming, only "walking this talk" is taking more than I thought. I'm getting educated in how to let Her have Her way with me. Quite a ride, and I appreciate your being aboard. Blessings, Artie


    I have known Artie for 45 years. We are brother Vietnam Vets. Artie opened new worlds to me when he was my room-mate in Washington, DC after we returned from Vietnam and had to complete one year of service in Military Intelligence. At that time, he introduced me to books, movies, art, and critical thinking that I would have discovered on my own. Ten years later, with my 4 year old on my shoulders, I was on my way to visit the Vietnam Memorial, to which unbeknownst to me, Artie had played a significant. He popped out of the subway just as I was crossing to the Memorial. Serendipity? Luck? Design? It doesn't matter. Artie opened for me entirely new ways of seeing the world and making a contribution through his work on PTSD, Trauma and Transformation, etc. Now we are back in touch, connected as never before at a whole new level. He continues to open up new ways for me to power-charge my qigong practice, to channel energy, to be more loving and open. Through EnergysWay, Artie can open new worlds for you too. Life can become a dance. It's the real deal. He's the real deal. What are you waiting for? Thanks Artie. Keep on channeling brother. It's powerful and its important.