• Why Energy's Way

    A fellow healer answers,

    "it's easy simple fast free and effective," then adds:

    "I've been looking for something like this for 30 years, a way for clients to FEEL lovingly hugged by arms much larger than ours, and in a way they can take home and do themselves. And ESSENTIAL for healing trauma all the way in." (3 minutes). 

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    "REALIZE INFINITE HEART" - Basic Instructions (6 minutes)

  • Followed by "ENERGY'S WAY PRINCIPLES" TV quality short documentary (23 minutes). 

    Then, find other free offerings will follow on that YouTube channel. 

  • Energy’s Way  is a new discovery.  It came after  40+ years of doing and guiding others at various body, mind, soul and spirit disciplines.

    Suddenly I was walking far more slowly than usual, like a slow motion dance improv. Every major joint spiraling, in figure 8’s.  Also, vast streams of energy were pouring in that surpassed what had ever come when doing the highest yoga, meditation, or qigong I’d known.

    As an energy healer I could test on myself and then on others.  Through hundreds of trials, teaching others the findings held.  Of course people differ depending on how much work they’ve done before I show them.  But ALL experience pleasurable calm, in as little as a few minutes.  And I can tell, their auras grow dramatically and become unusually balanced.

    You can try for yourself with complimentary videos sent to you by signing in HERE.  Follow the instructions and you’ll slow down as you walk easily.  A figure 8 move will come into how you use shoulders and hips, and you’ll trace other figure 8’s with hands and feet on your living room or kitchen floor.

    As little as 10-15 min daily will bring you to peaceful but potent radiance like the most wholesome, balanced pick-me-up.

    “People will LOVE this!  Because it’s so easy, simple and feels so good!” says one very discerning enthusiast.  What seals it for me are the tests I can do as an energy healer.

    A warm, peaceful boost fills all your energy centers, and as we’ll repeat, more fully and more quickly than in similar time spent in traditional practices of higher development.

    So keep up whatever’s valuable for you. Just add:

    “Do Energy’s Way a few minutes each day,
    and you’ll go galactic in a very big way!”

    Again, to start, watch our brief, complimentary video instructions, by signing in here.

    As for the discovery, Energy’s Way is a departure from mainstream scientific understandings of who and how we are. Traditional explanations invoke survival value, gravity, bio-mechanics and Newtonian principles as the main causative factors in our “hardware.”

    Energy’s Way has dawned as a more simple, elegant finding:

    When we become free, supple and open enough we move bodily in patterns strikingly similar to how energy moves throughout the universe. Scientists have found that from photons to the universe itself energy forms fields and moves through them like this:


    No, you don’t have to be a contortionist to move like that. You are already equipped to do so, once you loosen the hold of automatic, rigid, and stiff patterns.

    Let’s note that the flow pattern above follows the shape known as a “torus,” a donut with a disappearing hole.  More on “toroidal dynamics” as we go.  Essentially, Energy’s Way begins with discovering how we can cultivate “toroidal dynamics” bodily, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This clear focus likely accounts for the edge over traditional practices.

    When you sign in for basic instructional you will also join our newsletter list.  Look for more groundbreaking insights, along with info on further courses and workshops on how you can refine this practice for more wise, loving power. And then, further still, how these “moves” transpose to mental, emotional and spiritual “moves” for radically heightened creativity in all you are and do.

    Thanks for coming. I look forward to meeting you. Genuine seekers are the best. Seekers who come and explore “Energy’s Way” are, well, the best of the best!




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